Border Raid 605Km 372 miles 4700 metres climbing

Start Kirkley Cycles 06:00 Saturday 20th July 2019

This ride should suit both riders considering their first 600Km and experienced randoneurs. Riding West beside Hadrians Wall on the B6318 'Military Road' early morning views should be spectacular. Pleasant lanes and quiet main roads take you to Crocketford past Dumfries where the route runs through the Galloway forest park to Newton Stewart and then to Girvan on the Clyde coast.

Through Dalrymple South of Ayr to join the A76. In Kirkconnel(320 Km) we will be running a control with food and beds, closes 04:00hrs, to split a 120Km section with no overnight facilities.

Faster riders may choose to ride onto 24 hour services at Lockerbie Lorry Park to sleep, close 08:00hrs. Very fast riders arriving at Melrose Control (469Km) before 07:00 hrs Sunday may control at Galashiels 24 hour Supermarket and then use the 24 hour garage services at Alnwick (556 Km) here I have arranged for you to be allowed inside rather than shiver on the forecourt.

From 08:00 hrs Sunday breakfast is available at Sainsburys Cafe in Kelso (497 Km).

You have 40 hours from the start until 22:00 Sunday to complete the ride. Expect a warm welcome when arriving back at Kirkley cafe.

nbr_small map