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This site is about Audax events run from Kirkley Cycles near Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

The welcoming cafe with overnight parking plus on site cycle repairers are ideal facilities for these events.

Details for four 'Brevets Randoneur Mondiaix' (BRM) events of 200,300,400 and 600 Km distance.
are on this site

Events are regulated by Audax UK and Audax Club Parisien.
Many other shorter and longer distance events are in the Audax UK calendar

2019 dates from Kirkley Cycles

    Saturday 4th May 'Chevy Chase'200Kmentries open
    Saturday 20th July 'Border Raid'600Kmentries open
    Not Calendared in 2019'Mosstrooper300Kmentries ....
    Not Calendared in 2019'Hot Trod'400Kmentries ....

    About The Rides

  • You have to pass through control (check) points within set time limits
  • You must be independent we offer no formal rescue service
  • Most stops are cafes or services. some are halls staffed by volunteers
  • The events are not races most riding will be in small social groups
  • You can stop where and when you like so long as you do not have supporters on the route
  • If friends or family wish to take part they are welcome to help at one of the stops
  • To find your way we provide route directions and GPS tracks.

    • The Chevy Chase 200 and Mosstrooper 300 are hilly routes in Northumberland the North Pennines Cumbria and Scottish Borders. Expect some challenging sections.

      The Hot Trod 400 and Border Raid 600 have flatter routes to make achievable distance rides

      Route directions are provided on route sheets together with GPX tracks

      Your 'brevet card'is used to record your control times:
      Minimum speed is 15 and maximum 30 kilometres per hour including all rest stops.

      • Want to know more? - browse the rest of this site.
      • Randoneurs are long distance cyclists randonée = journey
      • Audax is a term generally used to refer to this type of event
      • Audax UK is the association that regulates these events